Lite Laser Facialâ„¢ / Erbium

The lite laser facial is a new minimally invasive procedure that utilizes advanced laser technology (long pulsed erbium laser) to reduce wrinkles and acne scars, clear pigmented and vascular lesions, and remove sun damaged skin and raised lesions such as warts and moles. Low-power is applied and absorbed in the upper dermis to stimulate collagen and smooth the outer layers of skin. Typically the skin is healed in a few days. Results should be noticed within the first six weeks, and will continue to improve for up to six to twelve months.


How does the procedure work?
Low-power laser energy is applied to the face. The laser energy is absorbed in the upper dermis of the skin causing new collagen to grow helping to reduce wrinkles. Simultaneously, the laser energy removes several layers of the outer epithelial much like an aggressive microdermabrasion procedure would. The unique properties of the laser will help clear the face of sun spots and other pigmented lesions as well as sun damaged skin.

Can the procedure do anything else for me?
Yes it can. Many patients have raised lesions on the face such as warts, moles, etc. The laser can be increased in power to easily treat and remove these lesions.


Can the procedure help my skin in other areas?

Yes, the unique qualities of the erbium laser are used for treating both the neck and the hands to remove unsightly freckles, sunspots or damaged skin.

I suffer from acne scarring, Can this procedure help me?
Yes, very much so. The laser beam penetrates through the acne scar area and helps reduce scarring by stimulating the collagen from the inside. The laser is increased in power enabling a physician to sculpture over and reduce the acned skin from the outside.

Does the procedure hurt?
No. Patients may experience minor discomfort similar to a stinging effect. However, most patients experience no pain.

Is there any anesthesia or needles required?
Absolutely not. Prior to the laser treatment you will have a cream applied to your face which will take about 15 - 30 minutes to numb the skin so you will not feel any pain.

How long does the procedure take?
You need to have the cream applied for approximately 20 minutes and application of the laser energy takes approximately 30 minutes.

What will I look like after the procedure?

Your face will have a moderate redness as if you had experienced a moderate sunburn. This generally disappears within 5 days.

Will I miss any work?
No, that is the benefit of the lite laser facial. You can receive true laser skin rejuvenation with absolutely no down time. <

Will I be able to wear makeup?
You will be able to wear makeup approximately 5 days after the laser procedure.


What will I notice after laser treatment?
Immediately after laser energy is applied you will experience a moderate redness. This lasts for approximately 5 days. In about one week you will grow a new outer layer of skin. In approximately three to six weeks you should experience wrinkle reduction and facial clearing.

Are there any side effects or complications of the laser facial?
You should experience no complications from this procedure. However in consultation with your doctor, you may wish to have some more aggressive laser application to treat deeper wrinkles. This will cause the redness to last longer. With a deeper laser treatment your physician may possibly prescribe some post treatment medication.

Are there any other precautions I should take after the procedure?
You will be given a post treatment lubricant to keep the skin moist and you must use a sun block. A follow up microdermabrasion is indicated and you will be given a skin care line for daily use.

I have heard of layered skin procedures that were painful and left your face red for several months. Why is this different?
Originally physicians used a more powerful laser called a CO2 laser to invasively peel the outer layer of skin. Previously patients had to deal with anesthesia, pain, longer healing times and the threat of permanent skin discolorization.

The lite laser facial is a minimally invasive procedure which does not break the skin and uses advanced variable pulsed erbium laser technology to achieve results mostly with no pain and no down time on most all skin types.

s the procedure expensive?
The procedure is relatively inexpensive compared to other more painful laser procedures.

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