Obagi Nu-Derm™ and Blue Peel™

This is a medically prescribed skin health restoration system. It uses prescription strength ingredients that work at the cellular level to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, increase smoothness, reduce pore size, improve elasticity, normalize oil production, reduce sun spots and hyperpigmentation and ultimately make the skin healthier. The results of use (18-24 weeks for maximum results) is to create soft, radiant-looking skin. The Blue Peel™ may be necessary to achieve maximum improvement for wrinkles and acne scarring.


Give your skin the look of good health.

Below the skin's surface are cells that give skin its smoothness, even color, and firmness. As these cells mature, new ones are made. For healthy skin, this cycle of cell replacement takes about six weeks.

But just as the health of other body parts begins to fail with age, so does the health of your skin. Add the exposure to sunlight that has built up over the years, and the skin's ability to renew itself is damaged even more.

The Nu-Derm™ System works deep down to bring skin cells back to health.
As the cell renewal cycle becomes less efficient, skin becomes rough in texture, spotted in color, and loose in tone. The Nu-Derm System can change all that.

Restore skin health with the beauty treatment prescribed by your doctor.Many cosmetic products offer improved skin care, but only the Nu-Derm System offers improved skin health. That's because the Nu-Derm System is medically prescribed. It uses prescription-strength ingredients that work at the cellular level... beyond the skin's surface. And only a physician can provide the types of products that restore skin health at a cellular level.


Smooth texture. Balanced color. Diminished wrinkles. What does your skin need?

The Nu-Derm™ System improves the function of three types of skin cells: keratinocytes, melanocytes, and fibroblasts.

Keratinocytes are cells on the skin's surface. The Nu-Derm System stimulates natural exfoliation of keratinocytes to recapture the skin's smooth, moist texture.

Melanocytes contain a pigment called melanin that gives skin its color. The Nu-Derm System corrects the overproduction of melanin caused by sun exposure. Dark spots fade and skin color becomes more even.

Fibroblasts produce support structures in skin called collagen and elastin that tend to break down over time. The Nu-Derm System helps skin preserve collagen and elastin. Skin becomes firm, and fine lines and wrinkling appear less noticeable. Surrounding blood circulation improves, too, giving your skin a healthy glow.

Whether your skin is fair, dark, dry, oily, sensitive, or anything in between, there is a Nu-Derm™ System regimen that's right for you. That's because the Nu-Derm System offers the flexibility to combine just the right products for your skin health needs.


Follow these steps to healthier skin every day:
Prepare skin for acceptance of prescription ingredients.
Wash skin daily with gentle, soap-free cleanser and follow with pH neutralizing toner.

Correct areas of uneven pigmentation.
Apply prescription skin bleaching cream and exfoliating cream.

Stimulate keratinocytes and fibroblasts and regulate melanocytes.

Apply prescribed tretinoin and prescription skin bleaching cream.

Protect against further skin damage.
Avoid sun exposure, apply SPF 24 or SPF 35 physical sunblock, and wear sun protective clothing.

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