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To comply with new FDA packaging standards and further protect our providers and patients from inauthentic product and product from foreign and unauthorized sources, we have updated the BOTOX Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) packaging, resulting in a slight change to the appearance of the carton. We will be providing updated comprehensive tools to help educate providers and patients on how to verify authenticity of BOTOX Cosmetic in the near future.

Please look out for the following to ensure the BOTOX Cosmetic you are using is authentic, FDA-approved product:

  1. Established Name—Ensure that the established name, onabotulinumtoxinA, appears on the product box and vial.
  2. Hologram—Look for the Allergan hologram on each vial.
  3. Tamper Seal—Check for the tamper-evident seal on the box to ensure the product has not been tampered with.
  4. License Number—Check for U.S. license #1145 on the carton and the vial label.
  5. ***NEW*** Track And Trace—The bottom of the carton has a black box with a unique serialization code thereby allowing Allergan to verify that each unit is authentic and approved for sale in the United States.

Laser Beautification Center only offers authentic Botox Cosmetic products from authorized sources.

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